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Our Primary Care Clinic

Welcome to Inclusive Care our primary care clinic.

We are a community-based organization providing rapid and affordable access to healthcare services to the minority communities of central Florida.


Below are the various services we offer. We work with individuals who are insured, underinsured, and uninsured. Our sliding scale fee is designated to fit the budget of the low income or no income individuals.

Call or stop by our clinic with any questions or concerns. Walk-ins are welcome.

Clinic Location: 7156 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32818.

Image of Medical practitioner and client for Positive Assistance.

Primary Health Care

Meet with our primary care service providers and let us help you live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Image of client blood pressure check at positive assistance.

Blood Pressure Checks

A blood pressure test is done as a routine health checkup or as a screening for high blood pressure.

Blood Suagr Testing at Positive Assistance

A blood glucose test measures the level of glucose (sugar) in your blood. 

Blood Sugar Test

Image of medical Practitioner and client at Positive Assistance.

Medical and Rx

Copayment Options

A health insurance copayment is a fixed amount set by an insurance plan for sharing the cost of covered services between the plan and the customer. 

Get personalized health insurance quotes with affordable costs.

Image of medical practitioner and client at Positive Assistance.

Medical Care Management

We include a comprehensive suite of services and activities that help patients with chronic or complex conditions manage their health.

Image of client case management at Positive Assistance.

Medical Health Linkage

The linkage program assists people with accessing HIV care. The program's goals are to increase the number of people who know their HIV status.

Image of PrEP Pill for Positive Assistance.


We are here to help you get your free prescription and be part of an HIV free generation. PrEP is over 99% effective in preventing HIV and the time to be on it is now!

Concerned client at positive assistance

Men's Health | Erectile Dysfunction

We provide a comprehensive service to help and provide assistance with male sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction. 

Medical practitioner image for Positive Assistance.

Hepititis C Testing & Education 

The purpose of hepatitis C testing is to determine if you have been infected by HCV and to guide your treatment.

Image of Medical Blood Tubes for Positive Assistance.

Covid-19 Testing & Vaccine Referral

Rapid Antigen Test (30-60 minute results). Confirms if you're currently infected with Covid-19 without crowded waiting rooms.

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