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Meeting People
Where They Are

Assisting and giving hope to people living with chronic illnesses and individuals who are at risk of acquiring chronic illnesses. 

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Welcome to Positive Assistance

Positive Assistance Prioritizes Serving Individuals & Impacting Their Community



Positive Assistance takes pleasure in imparting knowledge on how to prevent or live with chronic illnesses.



Providing the best care for our patients is one of our primary functions in helping to be an agent for change in Florida.



One of our primary goals is to help in reducing the stigma against HIV/AIDS through education so that we can contribute to a safe environment for those living with it.



HIV advocates support and assist our clients with navigating the care system, education about the disease, HIV treatment and living a healthy life.

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Inclusive Care of Orlando, the child company of Positive Assistance, is a primary health clinic providing access to health care services.

We assist individuals with chronic illnesses and offer preventative care. Find out more about what services we are able to help you with.

Care Services 

A Brief Overview of Positive Assistance Services

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Case Managment

A case manager helps individuals navigate the health care system and can help provide the proper resource based on the person's needs. They assist individuals living with HIV support for obtaining needed medical care by offering information and referrals.​

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Mentorship & Group Support

​Providing Individuals living with HIV/AIDS who have had to overcome the stigma and challenges of the disease and are here to support and assist.​

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HIV Screening

​Testing for HIV is the only way to know for sure if you have HIV. Many people do not have any symptoms and can live for many years without knowing they have the virus.

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​Our goal is to provide outreach and youth educational opportunities that will encourage both adult and youth audiences providing a heightened awareness.

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