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🎉✨ Celebrating Haitian Flag Day in Miami! 🇭🇹✨

Updated: May 29

Today, we honor the vibrant spirit and rich culture of Haiti right here in Miami! Join us as we embrace our heritage with music, dance, and unity.

In the midst of our celebrations, we are proud to be there to ensure our community stays healthy and informed. This is what is happening:

🔹 Free HIV Testing: Quick and confidential testing is available! Know your status in minutes.

🔹 Free Condom Distribution: Grab your free condoms from our booths scattered around the venue. Let’s stay safe as we celebrate!

🔹 Learn About PrEP: Curious about PrEP? It’s a game changer in preventing HIV and our experts from Positive Assistance are here to answer all your questions.

We celebrated Haitian Flag Day with pride and protected ourselves and each other. Your health is your wealth!

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